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Natto Raw Materials,Natto powder

Natto Raw Materials,Natto powder

Natto Powder

1. Natto powder can dissolve thrombus:

Natto powder can directly decompose blood clots. The thrombolysis effect of each gram of wet natto powder is equivalent to 1600IU of urokinase. The action time of natto powder on thrombus is 8-12 hours, while that of urokinase is only 30 minutes. Urokinase can only be injected, while natto powder can be injected or orally taken, and it can play a role in capillaries. Natto powder has been consumed in Japan for 1,000 years and is a safe edible thrombus prevention agent. Moreover, the price of natto powder is not expensive, so ordinary people can afford it!

2. Natto powder can prevent osteoporosis:

The mechanism of supplementing calcium with natto powder is as follows: In bones, Vitamin K2 and high-quality protein first form bone protein

3. Natto powder can regulate the intestines and stomach, moisturize the bowel, detox and nourish the skin:

Natto powder bacteria are not affected by the strong acid of the gastric juice, and quickly colonize the intestine.  

4. Natto powder can dissipate the effects of alcohol and protect the liver:

After natto powder enters the human body, it builds an alcohol protective barrier through three channels: entering the liver system, it breaks down the pressure to the liver for dissipating the effects of alcohol and assists in dissipating the effects of alcohol; entering the vascular system, it forms a key protective barrier in the cerebrovascular area to resist the inhibitory effect of alcohol on the brain; entering the digestive tract system, it quickly forms a protective barrier, accelerates the acid secretion of the digestive tract, and promoting dissipating the effects of alcohol. Taking natto powder can quickly resolve adverse reactions after drinking and prevent drunkenness the next day. In addition, the various active substances in natto powder activate liver cells, promote liver cell regeneration, improve liver functions, protect the liver, and effectively prevent and relive fatty liver.

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